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Inception Management Training

Approach And Results

Inception Management Training is an approach to negotiation and business decision-making. The approach has been developed as a result of watching and participating in hundreds of negotiations during the last 20 years.

Inception Management Training provides a set of observations, thinking and conversational skills which deliver a profound understanding of the forces at play in any negotiation and a set of principles which maximise the probability of a worthwhile outcome in any business or interpersonal situation.

The development and application of these skills enables the most intelligent and cost effective decision to be made in a small percentage of the normal time.

Inception Management Training has been applied in the following contexts:

  • The recovery of multi million pound commercial negotiations for a global leader in the IT industry.
  • Commercial Awareness for an Environmental Consultancy to facilitate environmental initiatives in business.
  • Re-energising the renewal of a failing £25million contract in the rail industry.
  • Prediction of the outcome of a £4 billion pension reattribution by UK top 10 company.
  • Reducing by 90% the time taken for annual pay negotiations with a union representing employees in a newspaper group.
  • Establishing an unprecedented collaborative decision making strategy to close a deal with a top three company in the North American aerospace industry.

The following groups have been trained in Inception Management Training

  • Board Members - Transport Research Laboratory
  • European Leaders - Unysis.
  • Affinity Sales People - RSA
  • Directors and Councillors - Aberdeen City Council
  • Project Managers - Aviva
  • Finance Managers - British Gas
  • Branch Managers - Adecco
  • Flight Engineers - QinetiQ

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Clients include:

Quinitq - Ross Kingsland client          Unisys - Ross Kingsland client          Aberdeen City Council - Ross Kingsland client


"The approach has helped the team take a much broader perspective. This has meant that we have won significant new accounts and resolved business situations more successfully than we did before”

- Julie H Director of Mining & Renewables, Ernst & Young, US  


“I was highly sceptical of whether the Inception Sales System would be effective in the highly competitive market which we work in. Within minutes of the course starting myself and my team realised that there was a much easier way to winning, structuring and managing high profile relationships.

I would recommend anyone to invest in this course – except our competitors.” 

- Imran R, Director of Strategic Relationships, Sainsbury’s, UK

"Ross is a great speaker and mentor. His tools and strategies are a great way to accelerate your business growth to the next level." 

- K Wills, Business Owner, UK -

"It has been an enormously useful experience and one I would thoroughly recommend to any business owner or professional. Sincere thanks for your time, effort and devotion."

- J Norwood, Entrepreneur, UK -


"Excellent Coaching Programme with someone who I am lucky enough to have as a teacher and an inspiration. Thank you Ross!"

 - S Carman, Independent Legal Consultant, US -